Where care centers on you.™

Why We’re Different

At the Fertility Centers of New England, we practice a patient-centered approach to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. In other words, it is all about you.

Personalized Care

You deserve compassion, expertise, personalized care and that is what we deliver. We know the emotional gravity of fertility treatment, so we take the time to listen to your concerns. You will have your own specialized Care Team to be by your side every step of the way, presenting options, providing support, and helping you make informed choices based on realistic expectations.

A Supportive Environment

At our practice, you will be cared for in an intimate and emotionally safe environment. Right away, you’ll recognize the dedication and skill that have helped thousands of individuals build healthy families.

Our goal is to help you be an active, informed, and empowered participant in your journey with us. We offer a full range of patient education classes, seminars, pregnancy loss counseling, and other psychological support services.

Fertility Treatment Options for Everyone

At Fertility Centers of New England, we believe everyone has the right to a build a family of their own, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. We also believe that everyone should be able to build that family when they want to, and how they want to; we have the largest and most successful egg freezing, gender selection, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening programs in the region.

Our Pregnancy Results from Fertility Treatment

2013 Donor Oocyte per Embryo Transfer Pregnancy Rates
2013 Donor Oocyte Embryo Transfer Preg Rate
2013 Live Birth/On-Going per Embryo Transfer Pregnancy Rate
2013 Live Birth Ongoing Embryo Transfer Preg Rate

A comparison of the clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches and entrance criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.

We’re Where You Need Us

Whether you live or work in Boston, or are seeking treatment half a world away, our convenient locations for fertility treatment are easy to find. For those traveling from a distance, we offer travel concierge services to help make it easy.